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Death, What Does it Mean?

Rick Hughes - December 3, 2013

This week I, my family faces certain death! My 102 year old mother is approaching death. It is like A slow motion train wreck. She will not eat or take her medicine, her mind is going or is already gone.

I have experienced the death of loved ones and friends all through my life. Death, always comes at an chaotic time.  We had planned on going to Singapore and Hong Kong for a once in a lifetime trip. My beloved mother appears to be reaching the final stages of a long tumultuous life, so right now my wife and I are trying to do everything possible to protect her and make her final passage as pain free as possible.

While my pain and grief are real I have started to pray and it brings real comfort. Somewhere in the fog of my thoughts God has communicated to me that death is simply a return to him of his child. Somehow as tears swell in my eyes, He communicates that death is something we all must face and in it we are returned to him as we are all supposed to be. Millions perhaps even billions of people have died in the history of the world. They all eventually fade from memory because God remembers all of us, loves us, and has a earthly and then eternal purpose for us!

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