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Rick Hughes - October 14, 2012

As I watched the debate Thursday, I thought Ryan won it. He seemed to be serious, thoughtful, and knowledgeable and his sneering opponent appeared often, and shall we say inappropriate.

Still there were times when I could not understand why Ryan did not strike hard with questions such as, do you not realize sir that your policies have turned savers and investors into suckers. Sir, your policies are destroying our dollar, you could not come up with a more destructive decision than to damage your nations currency and discourage if not permanently harm your saving, investing, productive citizens.

Then it came to me, the reason Ryan did not bring this up is because to him it is a secondary experience. It is like someone tells you what it is like to be in an airplane crash, no matter how graphic and descriptive you will never know as well as a person who has experienced a crash.

Mr. Ryan, who has my total support, as all public servants lives in a world where the government or taxpayers cushion them against adverse economic problems. This is the best argument against lifetime politicians, only those who have marched through the economic battlefields can totally rebut the Vice President's views.

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