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Rick Hughes - February 10, 2012

The root, the guts of all life, all economics, all politics, all reality is the intense fierce struggle between collectivism and individualism. Collectivism professes we are all as one unit, and should strive as one cohesive unit toward betterment, enlightenment, perfection and perhaps utopia. Collectivist think as a society we all succeed or no one is successful. A collectivist believes there are only superficial differences among people and that the unity toward one common purpose and one common goal will overcome individual wants, needs, and desires leading all of us to be satisfied, content, happy, and finally create a joyous group serving the state. Collectivist generally denounce conflict, negative campaigns, failure of people to recognize their own best interest, and their general incapacity to coalesce around a strong decisive leader into a people or nation into one pursuit. Out of this philosophy arises the attitude which leads the way toward totalitarianism enslavement. You will never have negative campaigning in a dictatorship, always the less freedom, the less conflict there will be.

Individualism spurs mankind to love freedom. Individualism tells the individual its up to you, only great effort, discipline and restraint can make your life beneficial. Individualism offers the chance to succeed or fail, almighty God gave you free choice, your own decisions determine your destiny. This or any freedom loving society is where you will have enormous amounts of negative campaigning. That is the atmosphere where people have tasted freedom, and deeply loved it, The individual is not the group. He or she are their own person and they have values, convictions, and disagreements with other individuals, which means they have spine, which means they go all out to win for their political views. No group or party or government can make a nation great. Only the individual makes a country great. Only the individual advance civilization.

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