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Rick Hughes - January 16, 2012

We, my family recently went to Panama for 18 days, and I got my limited understanding of this nation. We stayed in Panama city, place with lots of traffic, and unless your goals are limited ,you need a taxi or a car.

Describing driving here is the Panamanians do it very robustly. Everyone works here and they seem to work vigorously, though slowly. They appear on the surface to be very happy, although many seem to have hard eyes. This is a capitalistic country and it is apparent from the dedicated work ethic that they love free enterprise.

Panama, has many wonderful, beautiful buildings, some are completed but empty, some are only half finished. In these cases it is my speculation that real work and real wealth support this economy, so the enterprises have to wait until they can acquire more capital or wealth before they can proceed.

The UNITED STATES, when we have a money shortage the Fed prints more money to keep our economy going. The Panamanians have no printing presses, so there is no artificial wealth ,the project depends on the demand for it.

Another observation, they keep armed guards at their banks or any money processing center, they apparently take money and crime very seriously. You can bargain prices in the mall or stores and twice I negotiated, and at least made to think I got a lower price.

The slums are awful, miserable unsafe and they are the most wretched I have witnessed. They are almost beyond imagination or description, and our guide wisely observed, we do not want to have a flat tire here.

I can tell you my most profound observation, being in another country makes or reinforces my belief in what a truly great and unusual nation we have, and how much we need to protect our patriotic, Christian, freedom, cherished values. May God bless all of us, and may God continue to bless the greatest nation ever create, AMERICA.

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