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Rick Hughes - May 23, 2012

What is it like on Time Square in New York City? We were there for 4 days and it is a wonderful unique experience for a rural person like me. All of our lives we have lived in the country. Where we live now is still country living and we plant a small garden, grow flowers ect. We also take care of 13 properties, plumbing, heating, floors, doors, foundations, roofs, appliances, leases, sometimes cut the grass, evictions, collections, go to court etc.

Going to New York City is like paradise, we are free and it provides majestic urban beauty. New York is a landscape of architectural greatness. It is a city flowering with small enterprises, and worldwide business mammoths. The small independently owned businesses are the life blood of the city and they make the city unique, vibrant, and wonderful.

As you walk and you can walk an awful far piece, you will see small bars, small groceries, small delis, small hotels, diamond exchanges, currency exchange outlets, all kinds of business everywhere. You will see millions, and I do mean millions of people from all over the world hustling to make money. The business owners and employees are very friendly and accommodating as they attempt to service you and realize a profit. The only incident was when I tried to hail a cab ,and the cabbie gave me a bad sign, so I foolishly gave him back the sign, rather childish but I felt better!

This is not our first trip here, and we have learned, stay at the best hotels, big rooms or suites and around the clock service, you get what you want when you want it. Should either of you wake up early, say 4 or 5 o'clock, I can order or go get us some great coffee and that makes it great! The hotel we stayed was fabulous, the Hilton on the square, provides quick and efficient service, They understand they are in competition with hundreds of other hotels and they want your money so they serve you exceptionally.

This is a city geared to walking, when you come to an intersection or corner you may walk across the street as the walk signal stays on a long long time. People in New York drive with boldness , horns blast continuously, it reminds me just a tad like Cairo Egypt, but once again I never witnessed a wreck!

Once again, the architectural beauty almost takes your breath. There is quite a bit of security, but it is not intrusive it is just available and feels protective. The reason we went was for a business meeting. Ha, that was OK Barb went to MACYS, and I got to walk all over this architectural urban paradise. My humble advice never turn down a chance to go to Manhattan, it really is an urban pleasure.

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