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Rick Hughes - March 5, 2012

It is with in check and an immediate denial, as the financial advisers do, that I must warn you, this is my opinion, your situation is well ,your situation. Please consult with your adviser before taking any action! There no guarantee this will work for everyone, or even anyone, however, it seems to work for me!

I have been married for 45 years now, and so I do have some experience in the arena! My advice  all males is learn to do housework and to do it well. I have become without boasting, after all if it is true its not a boast its just a fact, quite adept at cleaning, removing the garbage and generally in our home, keeping it clean.

Now I confess when  I first got married I was a slob. No one had ever requested me to do any housework so none had ever been done by me. Now my wife was extremely clean and extra ordinarily neat. That was the way I perceived it in early years of our marriage. I could not cook, nor clean, nor contribute much of anything in that sphere ,I just sat there like a big blob. Finally, after sizeable agitation and anger, I realized, not only was I wrong, but the boys were becoming just like me, non working, or contributing, non cooking, or handy parasites.

We, myself, and the boys did a total turnaround, we all learned cook. I began to cook and take out the garbage with great vigor, soon  was able to clean our home and make it spotless. I did not even want Barbara to get involved, this seemed to make  her so happy.

Today, and for the past 36 years our home has been spotless, the boys became very good at cleaning, not as I am, however, that is a personal opinion, but very adept. Anyway my wife really really likes me for doing this, and what astounds me is how important and vital this task was rated by her. For me it is a wonderful tonic for love and marriage. What do you think?

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