1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



Howard McVeigh
My Favorite Scout Master!

Rick Hughes  - July 25, 2013

Howard McVeigh, was the best scout master ever. He was my only scout master, but I do not believe you could ever had a better one!

We used to meet in a small cabin up on Mr. McThenia's property. Howard would lead us in playing Cranes and Crows. Each group would line up and when their designation was yelled, by Howard, that group would charge as hard and fast at the other group, who back peddled as fast as they could. When Howard yelled cranes that group ran hard at the crows and when crows were called they charged as hard as they could against the retreating cranes. No one ever collided which demonstrated Howard's skill in mastering this exercise.

Howard took us on many camping trips. I remember one time I pitched my tent right below Johnny Johnson. In the night we had a gully washer and, bless his heart, Johnny game right down on me!

Another time we went to the Marlington, at that time we all almost froze, but it was such fun and the food indescribable!

One time we camped out on Keeny's Knob, and after a night of sleeping, ate eggs, pancakes, bacon and toast. Was that good or what? After that I almost fell off the mountain, and it was a long long way over that cliff!!

Anyway Howard McVeigh was a great scout master, a great youth leader and a great guy ,and he and Jean were great people and a huge benefit to many of Alderson's former youth.

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