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Rick Hughes - May 11, 2012

I am watching a political show, Bill O'Reilly, and the information I am receiving makes my blood boil! It is about a waste or maybe about stolen money from a real denigrated, discriminated against group, the United States taxpayer. The heroic people who support our country with their hard earned money! Its about people who have no shame and no conscience and are venal and truly bite the hand that feeds them. Apparently 80 congressmen have the American people, the American taxpayers finance their leased cars. They spend unconscionable amount of other peoples money to finance their decadent life styles. Some of these representatives spend over one thousand dollars a month for luxury cars to represent their serfs, oh I mean people.

What is the solution? Term limits , part of our problems are we elect these people over and over again! Let us limit their time in office, two terms, no exceptions ! Allowing someone to stay in official their life or 40 years is stupid! They will become corrupt no matter how pure and noble they start out. We need people with integrity courage and who represent the American people, not public profiteers!