1928 - Alderson High School - 1968




Rick Hughes - October 21, 2012

We are a divided people, one philosophy believes that mankind cannot live without an all powerful government leading us toward a paradise where we are all equal, and that government will control the people right to the point of what size house or model car they will be allowed to own. Theoretically, the need to worship or have faith in a higher power would be eliminated, the government would be the perfected of all human life and activity.

The other philosophy believes in a higher power and the right of every person to pursue his or her own destiny. This concept believes the government should protect its citizens against external enemies and internal crime. It believes in the individual, the individual needs to run their own life, spiritually, economically, and personally.

History shows us which philosophy is most potent to create great nations, at this time it does not tell us which will prevail.


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