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Rick Hughes - June 21, 2012

The greatest reason to oppose economic equality is a moral argument. First a philosophical question, does money produce happiness ? The answer is a resounding absolute no, worldwide or in your own neighborhood, it is probably the most provable observable fact there is, money in no way is a means to happiness. In point of fact money may conceivably be the greatest creator of misery and unhappiness there is!

Money causes people to commit all kinds of unimaginable, unspeakable acts of evil. It causes families to splinter apart, it spurs children to sue each other, it can make them sue their own parents because of the struggle for it.

Money can turn friends against each other because of disputes and desires for it. Money can ruin marriages, it can literally destroy nations and civilizations in the struggle for it. Well, does this mean money itself is evil? No, were it not for money excess wealth we would never have had access to all the valuable, wonderful benefits we lump together as civilization. Since money alone does not produce happiness what is it that makes us believe it does?

Money will not create happiness, however,  its corollary will. What is that? Earned economic success. This will produce happiness and just as importantly appreciation for your achievement of it. No matter how big or small your own earned economic success is your own achievement and your own creation therefore it gives you a feeling of encouragement and a can do attitude.

Should you try to get money through the lottery or some other effortless way all you will have is money, nothing else, this will not bring happiness. Even more destructive, since you did not achieve earned economic success you will be envious of others wealth and will not object if a large all powerful force removes money from the earned economic group and redistributes it to those who have not made an effort for earned economic success.

Doubt the power of this concept, look at Europe as it cascades from one money crisis to the next, while it tries to redistribute money to achieve societal happiness. All Countries or Civilizations who try to move profits from one to another artificially are moving more and more toward socialism, communism, or some form of totalitarianism and retains less and less freedom and happiness. The solution, create the most opportunity upward mobile society possible, so that those, the majority who want to achieve earned economic success can, and create a strong reliable safety net for those and only those who for valid reasons cannot. Those born at the lowest end of the economic ladder will benefit the greatest when a society offers is citizens the opportunity for EARNED ECONOMIC SUCCESS!

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