1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



Rick Hughes - June 6, 2012

David Shields was all man! The first time I remember David was in the 9th grade and I was in the 5th grade. We were all in the gym, courtesy of Homer Perdue and someone had used their hands to push David out of the way of a rebound and he whacked him, as young male people are prone to do!

Anyway when Dave was in the 9th grade he played under Bill Crites and they won the Greenbrier freshman tournament. Dave was a great football and basketball player, he was exceptionally excellent in the clutch and when the pressure was on he came through. Dave as a sophomore played right end on the football team and center on the basketball team. He distinguished himself in both sports.

His junior year David broke the state scoring record in football with 187 points for a running back as Alderson's tailback on our single wing offense. As a junior he was again excellent in basketball. Dave had a really nice long range jump shot and he was an aggressive rebounder. Between his junior and senior year, Dave had an accident which hurt one of his eyes and he was in the hospital for quite awhile. His senior season he did not start to play until 7th or 8th game and there was not much time in that football season!

David senior in basketball was one I will never forget. The first game was at Quinwood, and that night Dave seemed disconnected or disoriented, and they put it to him, blocking a couple of his shots and just beating him with their lightning responses. The next game was at home against Rupert, and I will never forget it. It started out the same way, but you could see Dave was beginning to regain his stride. As the second half commenced, he fired a shot from 25 feet which was all net. From then on Dave was his old self  and he came alive and played with great skill as he always had.

 The rest of the season he returned to his star status. Anyway that game was tremendously inspirational to me and will be forever! In adult life I did not talk to Dave for 48 years, then when I found out he was sick I started to call him once a month. It really became wonderful to talk to him and I think he enjoyed it. He was always optimistic and I somehow thought we could see each other, but time ran out! His death has made tears come to my eyes. He really was a great great guy, and man.

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