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Rick Hughes - April 19, 2012

At the time we grew up in Alderson, I cannot recall ever hearing the term diet! Today, hardly an hour passes without hearing about a diet, an eating program or some weight control concept. What are diets, what are their goal, and how successful are they? Diets are an effort to reduce weight make the individual perusing the diet become more healthy. Diets are always some eating program that no matter what they assert, they introduce some instance of eating restriction.

Growing up in Alderson, my perception was that I should gain bulk to avoid being too thin. It never occurred to me that weight might be detrimental and that too much weight could be a death sentence. Now the goal of many people is to lose weight, gain health, reduce their waistline and enjoy life more. Their is a limitless number of diets. The best known are Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Curves, the Adkins diet, and many, many weight loss systems. All claim varying degrees of success, although statics may refute this!

As a nation according to all records appear to be gaining girth. Many diets are effective in causing the dieter to lose weight, however over time many apparently regain their lost weight! Weight Watchers, is probably the most utilized diet and I have no idea what percent of its participants lose their weight forever. Weight Watchers operates on a weight ratio to calories and disciplined eating through calories measured in points. You, based on your weight are free to eat as much as you want or desire based on a daily point allotment. You keep a record of points and restrict yourself under point allotment. An example, a 6 foot 3 inch male weighing 230 pounds would get an allotment of 38 points a day. If you successfully stay under 38 points a person supposedly would lose one to four pounds a week. Nutrisystem, I do not understand, they deliver you the food and it seems to tilt toward calorie dense foods, which means it takes longer to digest and reduces your appetite, it favors complex carbohydrates over simple carbs. The Adkins diet and Curves is based on the concept that protein is your main fuel. It replaces the carb and it digests slowly ,that restricts hunger, expands energy and creates weight loss.

Now, I do not know whether diets work and if they can be a lifetime deal! I do not know if diets can make you more vigorous and live longer. My own experience so far is I have gone from 248 lbs down to 204 lbs. I am trying weight watchers, but I do not always stick to the eating program, this might be a worthwhile knowledge generator. I do not eat bread.

Al, this was his belief and I try to drink lots of ice water. Now, if any of my fellow Aldersonians have experience or knowledge please share it. Thank you/Rick Hughes

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