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Rick Hughes - February 26, 2012

I need to get this out of my crawl. Rick Santorum, appears to be conservative with an ideal family, however there are two reasons I question his potential to benefit our country. The first really stuck with me, but initially he got a pass from me but no longer. Remember the debate in South Carolina ?One exchange really angered me! A well dressed very attractive lady told Santorum that her husband had been unemployed for the past 4 years. They had been forced to sell their beautiful dream home and had bought a track house and had spent all their savings. She asked how the former senator could benefit them? Santorum never answered her concerns directly, instead he said that he was sorry, but as soon as he is elected he would essentially fix the economy and her husband could find a job! Here is what I believe he should have told her. Mam, why don't you attempt to get a job? Go to McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, sell real estate, cars, insurance. Have your husband do the same and go store to store and door to door to find a job, make some money, save yourself, no government can!
The second clash came the other night when Santorum told us that politics was a team sport ,and that he had taken one for the team on earmarks, in other words to get along go along. I have zero respect for that. Think about what Santorum said! He is playing on the wrong team, he is on the insider professional political team, not on the public tax payers team. As contrast, Ronald Reagan, was his own person, who had strong deep convictions, and believed in steady values that he would not compromise, and when he opposed something, he didn't take one for the team, he didn't conform to what he was against, he stood heroically as an individual against the team. He never conformed if it went against his beliefs. Americans want and deserve a freedom loving ,God fearing leader with steel convictions who believe AMERICA IS A SHINNING SPECIAL CIVILIZATION THAT IS THE BEST THIS WORLD HAS TO OFFER.
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