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Rick Hughes - April 2, 2012

Mathew 24th chapter, verses 6 and 7 ," You shall hear of wars and rumors of wars, see that you are not frightened for these things must happen, but that is not yet the end."
"History is Bunk" HENRY FORD
This an effort to prove A great entrepreneur wrong ! The holy Bible says war will always be with us, however through our own will and effort the intensity of the war may be increased, decreased ,or maybe in certain time periods even avoided. My effort here is to present a theory of how through historical understanding event life might have been better, and what implications it has for our great civilization and nation it has for us right now today!

The most bloody event of the 20th century was  WORLD WAR II. WORLD WARII had its roots, its germination in WORLD WAR I .We need to observe WORLD WAR II to trace this. WORLD WAR I was the most vicious bloody war to this point in history. Savage trench warfare, terrible disease, large numbers of people died on both sides, the French lost lots of soldiers as did the Germans, the French lost large numbers of civilians the Germans almost none, please remember that!

The allies defeated the Kaiser militarily and the German   government surrendered before any part of Germany was damaged! The German soldier by a large percent believed the German government had prematurely surrendered, and had stabbed the Fatherland in the back! Huge chunks of the civilian population agreed! The allies imposed repatriations ,which had no enforcement mechanism, took away their western most territory, restricted the size of their military. This made the German people more resentful and resisted the idea they could have won the war if it was not for their cowardly leaders. Since a majority of the Germans despised their own government they were prone to demagogues. The new government also approached their 5th column with weak tolerance, never taking decisive measures to control or prevent lawlessness. The new German government made its most fatal mistake trying to increase and spread prosperity. Using the tool of inflation to increase its wealth, this led to the destruction of the currency. Nothing destroyed Germany than this insane currency annihilation. Ambition, morale, morals all were weakened.

There was a decline in individual planning, individual restraint, and individual hope. One man attacked by thieves, saw his wheelbarrow taken and his money left alone. The German citizens were being led down the road to total poverty, they choose to follow a different fallowing, a new leader down a road of unspeakable evil. He was a powerful speaker and he heaped his vicious scorn and violent hatred on a vulnerable minority group! Hitler rose to power and immediately began a policy of violent discrimination and military rearmament! The west responded with amazing weakness, appeasement was the order of the day, epitomized by the naive, fearful, weak Neville Chamberlain.

In 1938 Hitler marched into Czechoslovakia and the British and French stabbed their allies in the back. Chamberlain disgraced western civilization by asserting he had peace in our time. What he had done was accelerate WORLD WAR II. Soon after this idiotic statement WORLD WAR II began and France who had joined in the betrayal of their allies, fell with minor resistance  German War machine.

We must now focus on the end of World War II ! Unlike WORLD WAR I, THE ALLIES , US , BRITAIN AND RUSSIA, bombed GERMANY ceaselessly, both cities, countryside, everywhere. The civilian population of Germany now were exposed to the horror of all out war, we showed no mercy. The entire nation was destroyed. After the war was won,  we totally dictated the terms of surrender. We also tried what was left of the German leadership who brought on this bloodbath, and we correctly punished them severely. All of Europe, except of the Balkans have been peaceful since the great war!

What are the implications for us now?  First, history matters! If leaders understand history, civilization can advance much faster than if they do not. Practically you cannot compromise with any enemy who hates you and wants to crush you. If you use all available technology to defeat your enemy this could change there philosophy more than any other plan, and offers the greatest promise for a better more civilized life!

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