1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



Rick Hughes - July 17, 2012

I have been to 25 countries, my wife has been to 28 countries, she loves to travel ,and I can tell you 100 percent the United States is the very best country in the world. America is a land of opportunity, a place where if you have guts, a dream, and an iron will you can succeed. This is a nation of freedom, you may if you are law obeying travel anywhere in the U.S. you desire. You have the chance to fail, which is great because that is how you learn to succeed. It does not matter who your family was or is, you are free to struggle if you have the ambition to do so. I believe personally that we are the most superb civilization ever created, and our freedom is defended today by the heroes of our fighting forces and those here who battle against homeland tyrants. We should thank almighty God that some far distant ancestor in some foreign land for whatever reason ,whether as a slave or a freeman ,wound up in a worldly paradise that provides opportunity and freedom.

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