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RICK HUGHES - November 7, 2011

Let us clarify something, there is a huge difference in these millionaires the media keeps railing against. The easy millionaires are the celebrities you see on TV. They are usually Hollywood people, well known media figures, famous artist, sometimes a famous athlete, or very successful stock investor. You see them frequently, talking about they do not pay enough taxes, or how bias their country is, or how insensitive their country is, and how the undisciplined should get almost as much as those who sacrificed, were diligent and disciplined. Now I am lucky to know a small number of hard millionaires and their success came with a lifetime of deadly struggle. Whatever they achieved came by convincing a hardnosed public that they had a product or service worth giving up their money for. A hard millionaire makes their money the old fashion way, they work for it. These allegedly wicked people work hard all their lives and they save as much money as they can. They paid their taxes and educated their children. These hard workers built business and provided employment to many people. They practiced the values that made this country great, self sacrifice, self denial and self determination. Never be fooled, they worked long hours to make a better life for their family and for this great country. Today as people protest for paradise, they are ignorant, they do not realize that business, and ambition equal prosperity. Should anyone care, their target should be Washington. The protester is a great candidate for totalitarianism.
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