1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



Rick Hughes - September 30, 2011

Europe is in peril, its finances could explode. Why is this? Lets go back to the end of World Two. We had won the war and Europe was devastated. Western power was aligned against our wartime ally, The Soviet Union. The Europeans and Americans never wanted another war in this area. All leaders were determined to prevent the previous struggles. At the highest levels, the acceded thinkers believed that nationalism which they reduced to tribalism had generated the two terrible wars, this they conceived must never ever be repeated.

The United Nations was a move toward communication and integration of nations, especially in Europe. As  the Soviet Union fell, as all totalitarian systems eventually will, the European nations integrated more through the Euro common currency. Now let me illustrate something similar in concept but somewhat absurd, lets put 17 Aldersonians into an alliance where they all try to think alike, budget alike, and more importantly spend alike. This is what Europe has tried to do, integrate 17 dissimilar nations into a financial entity.

Some nations are slothful, some are extremely frugal, some disciplined, some obviously believe they are entitled. The nations which most obviously believe they are entitled to economic rights, unlimited spending, when the inevitable crisis came, they and many others now expect  the thrifty, controlled nations to save them, this unfortunately leads inevitably as night follows day, to dangerous conflicts and a obvious deterioration of cooperation, civilization, and culture. Stay tuned the most volatile is yet to come.

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