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Rick Hughes - May 27, 2011

Wyatt Duncan

Thank you Wyatt. The year was 1954 and it was the only year or time in my life I ever came in contact with Wyatt Duncan, a teacher and a man from Talcott, West Virginia, who taught 5th grade. He was a great, great teacher and a great American. Wyatt is the only teacher up to my 5th year in school I remember, but he was an incredible teacher. He always excited me when he taught American politics, history ,and sociology. He seemed to breath life into the subject and made you crave for more. Wyatt made you aware of great men and women, he personalized their uniqueness and greatness. He talked about how Lincoln had studied and got ready so that when the challenge came he handled it, he saved our nation and destroyed the scourge of slavery. The year I had with Wyatt passed and I don't ever remember seeing him again. Not that I ever wanted to. At the time I did not recognize that he was great but years later as I REFLECT back, Wyatt Duncan was one super educator hero in the life of a rural backcountry mountain youth. Even though its 57 years late, thank you Wyatt, you were a great educator, you moved civilization forward for me.

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