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Socialized Democracy

Rick Hughes - March 13, 2011

Socialized democracy, from the French Revolution to the Communist Stalinist, Moa, Castro Revolution, have all brought destruction, death, famine, and state political prisons. Socialized Democracy always begins just as it has here with an effort to right wrongs, make society more humane, more tolerant, more just. It removes the greed, the uber ambition and the lust out of the peoples lives. Make their lives easier, less rigorous, more enjoyable, more humane. In hard cold reality, it is a sedative, an overdose of weakness which leads toward a slow, and in some cases, not so slow collapse of the strong, vibrant, ambitious society  which produces wealth, ambition, rising living standards for all people who make an effort and real joy and optimism about the future.

A socialized democracy is a misnomer. In reality it becomes a strafed, stupefied, frozen, conformist society, which then deteriorates toward soft totalitarianism or socialism. you better get your dog licensed, did you not get the edict? A year ago we outlawed individual gun ownership, our appointed board came to a consensus, its too dangerous, oh, and its an automatic  51 percent of what you earn goes to the government for, of course, social betterment. Now, this is the soft, reasonable march toward social democracy. Eventually your right to speak or drive a car or buy a house, will be government restricted. THAT IS WHERE SOCIAL DEMOCRACY OR THE HARD FIST OF DICTATORSHIP LEADS.

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