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Really Saving Social Security

Rick Hughes - May 6, 2011

Here is a rather bold statement, none of the politicians or political parties are truly trying to salvage or save social security. I like Ryan, but he cannot be serious. Look, lets say someone told me to invest their money, my grandson, and have enough money to make him financially free in later life. He sends me 10 percent of his money and I invest it, now that gives us some chance for success, but lets say he sends me the money, I put an IOU IN A SHOE BOX AND SPEND THE money on new shoes one month, an expensive tie the next month, a trip to Vegas etc, on and on, every time I get his money I spend it and write an IOU. Now you tell me is my implied promise going to be fulfilled? That is the current way we do social security. So I have come to the conclusion they are financial idiots or they are not serious, they must believe we are all nitwits. Here is my solution, every time citizen Joe or Jane makes a contribution to social security, it is untouchable, it is put into banks at whatever the current C D rate is and it is kept there until Joe or Jane is 67 or 70 or whatever the retirement age is determined to be. The politicians cannot spend it and put a potentially worthless IOU in a silly safe. The contribution will be real money, inviolate and growing however small so that someday Joe or Jane have some real chance. MR. AND MRS. POLITICIAN, let our deposits come build and go out only to us, that is the only real salvation for our social security, an off SHOOT is that  will recapitalize the banks, that is a whole different article. The government must preserve our contributions, never spend it, that is the only serious way to save it.

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