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Protest, Join In

Rick Hughes - October 11, 2011

As I watch TV, it astounds me that people who live better than most all of us did financially growing up, are so filled with rage toward  their own nation. What are they protesting? Is it living in the richest, most ambitious nation in world history? Is it having chances and opportunities that no one else in the world has? This is a nation which advances. People who want to eliminate the profit motive and end business are asking for real third world poverty. Real poverty is where you do not have enough food. You lack sanitary water. You may really be  cold and you may die young because of famine and disease. Americas wealth is created by people who work and create excess capital which grows wealth, creates more jobs, more consumer desires and a growing expanding prosperous nation. The greatest nation ever, will it be permanent and continuous, or short term, we will soon know.

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