1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


Living Creatures And Me

Rick Hughes - December 10, 2011

My dog and me. Actually that is a misstatement, it should be my dog and my wife, because she really deeply loves this 5 pound creature of energy, emotion, and life. I grew up without animals, but my wife always had horses, dogs,and cats when growing up. We have, unless my memory fails me always had a living breathing, loving creature. Our current dog is a loving alive energetic creature, who has a bad liver and we are administering medicine to keep the little fellow alive. He enjoys life so very very much when he feels well. I really pray we can cure him.

I want to tie this in with growing up in Alderson. It was and is a very unique and dynamic place, even though I had no pets. The superb atmosphere and robust environment that has made love life in all forms, and totally support humane treatment toward all living creatures. Thank you God for allowing all of us to grow up in a wondrous place.
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