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Rick Hughes - March 7, 2011

We have all been listening to many different ideas and theories about worker rights, job rights, and employment privileges. Now I have worked all my life in all kinds of jobs and I have been an employer of a small and then 20 million a year business with up to 50 employees, where their capacity and honesty could make or break the business. Here is my take on it. A job is one great responsibility and privilege, it comes with lots and lots of obligations and the greatest obligation as a worker, is to make a profit. I do not care what your job is, make your employer a profit and you will always have a paying job, when your job does not make money eventually your job will end.

Let us take the furthermost removed job I can think of and see if my point can be made. A college professor generally is believed removed from profit, a seeker of truth, not connected to profit. Why is there a demand for a professors knowledge? As a general postulate, it is to train someone to be educated and fill jobs with specialized knowledge. Why is there money poured into education? Parents and students want a better life which means better jobs or higher paid jobs and better lives for students, the tuition money will end government subsidies or tax payer funding will end and professors services will no longer be wanted or needed when professors knowledge no longer leads to better jobs which produce better lives. All jobs which do not produce profits are subsidies, leading toward eventual poverty, real poverty, not TV or make believe poverty, poverty where you are homeless ,careless, foodless, and hopeless.

Many many years ago when I first became an employer I was liberal and naive, the first time I fired someone I was weak and scared, but I fired the incompetent. As I ran many different businesses I realized how vapid and weak our education on our economy and prosperity was. By demanding high performance and profit you are doing more for prosperity than any policies can ever do. This is my opinion and belief forged with almost 40 years of running insurance, small loan, rental property and helping my son in the tax business. I have been in the trench all of my working life and I am proud to say we have made profits for our lives our family, our country and yes, the people, the workers. Thank God for America, thank God for profits and opportunity.

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