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RICK HUGHES - November 10, 2011

Did you ever forget something or someone's name? Me, I am perfect, I have never forgotten anything, especially when I am talking in public. Let me tell you that was a joke, I can forget just about everything. One thing I have never forgotten is my wife's first name, now trust me that would be lethal.

Here is where I am leading. Governor Perry forgot a department's name during a live Republican debate. The media appear as unforgivable. Lets get something straight. Being smart or intelligent is a wonderful asset, and God has blessed those who are intelligent or smart. However, the greatest gift is conviction or character. A person of character says what they believe and believe what they say. Honest conviction beats intelligence hands down. Governor Perry, may or may not be A good candidate for leadership of our great nation. Whether he  can or cannot remember every departments name and function matters much less than his capacity to be one hundred percent honest in what he tells his potential customers the United States people.
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