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Rick Hughes - July 25, 2011

My wonderful friends, when was the last time someone negotiated and bought you a car with their money? This never happened to you? Well, it never occurred in my life either.

Now in many areas today money is being transferred from a person who earns it to a non related person who did not earn it. In housing, medical care, and food purchasing, we see the artificial hand of big government, which means a stranger took your money and gave it to another stranger to buy a home, a medical operation, or some beans, and I will bet they forgot to leave a thank you note.

In all of these areas, housing, health care, and food purchases there is unusual instability. Anywhere that strangers spend your money, they will not respect you, nor spend your money with the capacity or fun that you do. Just from an argument of efficiency and pleasure no one can spend your money as well as you. No one can enjoy your money as much as you and no one will ever appreciate your money as much as you, also no one will ever get as much personal freedom from your money as you. It will only be your money as long as we live in a free country where you make your decisions and I make mine.

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