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Herman Cain, Operable Or Inoperable

Rick Hughes - October 17, 2011

Herman Cain, is a truly great American, I believe that 100 percent. He is attempting to solve our problems with a real American solution, and in my bias way, I am going to attempt to evaluate his 9//9/9 plan.

I personally believe it is an American solution, a free enterprise solution, to a European type problem. We as a people are overtaxed and over regulated. Our federal government's way overspends on things we don't need and never asked for. My view is the federal government should protect us against foreign enemies, and maintain law and order within our nation. Obviously the federal government has gone way beyond that mandate.

Mr. Cain, in his 9 percent on incomes, is trying to restrain the government's source of power, money, through taxation, and allow the American citizen to retain more money and hence more freedom and discretion. The 9 percent on our incomes is correct and achieves the benefit of reducing the federal governments power and increasing citizens choices.

Now the 9 percent sales tax is something I OPPOSE. A friend of mine is on social security, and if the 9 percent sales tax were enacted, his taxes would go from his 8 percent sales tax to 17 percent. This 9 percent sales tax truly damages large numbers of hard working disciplined Americans who get no real apparent benefit from the sales tax. Now if the federal government removed their onerous needless regulations, it could benefit people who live in high tax states, but you cannot run a country on speculation.

Now what about these corporations? Nine percent on earnings might work, but I can tell you we need all the deductions we can get. Corporations have to meet payroll, and continuously buy items, which if there was not deductions they would not buy. I am neutral on this, but if we do not have corporations our financial situation will be a lot different.

In summing up, I think MR. CAIN IS a great man, who wants to continue to give everyone no matter what their birth status the chance to get rich. Yes on the income taxes, no on the sales, neutral on the corporations.

God bless everyone and GOD BLESS AMERICA.

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