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Gasoline Prices

Rick Hughes - April 26, 2011

My fellow Americans, what should the price of gas be? Oh, maybe ten dollars a gallon, as some have said. No, the price of gasoline should be low, as we need to drill and go after every source of energy we can. We need to get the price down as far as possible. Should you live in New York City or San Francisco, maybe it appears we could all move by mass transit. Throughout the heartland we move by the car and that is what makes our economy boom. Go to any heartland city and economic shoppers move by car. You want a depression, you desire sinking rotten deadly poverty, make it too expensive for workers, shoppers, economic units to go to work, to go to shop, to go to sell and you will watch economic destruction. Stores, selling units want to see customers able to come to buy what they have to sell. Economic activity depends on cheap energy, economic health and wealth depends on low cost gas. America as a great vibrant nation must have low cost energy to create jobs, prosperity, joy and strength. It is either drill baby drill or face economic death.

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