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Currency Dissipation

Rick Hughes - March 31, 2011

What is patriotism? Its kinda like the fellow who said he could not define pornography, but he recognized it when he saw it. I would like to say I can define what is not patriotism. The most unpatriotic act I can think of is to dissipate the dollar. Any politician who tells you how patriotic they are and then spends money above the budget is in effect destroying the dollar. The dollar is being attacked and savaged more than ever in our lifetime. When a countries currency is destroyed, it destroys a country. All of my life I have saved and invested money, this is what the American striving class does, if our currency is destroyed there would be no purpose in saving, investing, actually there would be no purpose in working, planning, and really what would we defend? Currency destruction is the greatest current domestic threat we face. This is my opinion, I await your rebuttals, attacks, and agreements.

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