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Rick Hughes - November 22, 2011

Ever since I have been conscious, coffee has been my companion in the early dark morning. Never in my life has coffee disappointed me, however, there has been a huge difference in the quality and taste of the coffee. I hesitate to assert this, but my wife has told me constantly how I MAKE THE VERY BEST COFFEE she has ever drank. The fact that she told me this reinforces my long held secret belief, that I really do make the best coffee anywhere. The taste is beyond belief, the first gulp of coffee, that I make in the morning is almost beyond description. It tastes so perfect, so enhancing, anyway, it is no great secret, but it will now be divulged for the first and probably last time.

First clean the coffee pot to where it can be as clean as humanly possible. Then when you fill up the coffee pot do it with as cold a water as feasible. It must be ice cold to achieve the best results. Also, the instant it is through brewing put it in your cup or cups. Should you need cream, take it from the refrigerator as fast as possible and add it quick for the best results. This is the formula for the very best coffee in the universe, if it improves yours, I want full credit, if it neutral or worse, you did not understand or follow the instructions. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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