1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



Rick Hughes - July 10, 2011

He looks at us with great affection, and he seems to be wonderfully happy almost joyous. Some people say he is unsteady, lacks stability, is too temperamental. That is not my experience. He really seems pretty solid, he is always very friendly. Now, sometimes he may become angry with me, but in reality, I confess it is my fault, my actions unintentionally provoke him, but I do it with total innocence. Anyway, he does not create any assets, produces no wealth, contributes nothing to cash flow, and sometimes his conduct can be worrisome, but only because it could be detrimental to him. Seeking attention, which he has been known to do, can create problems, however, once again it is more my failure to adjust, and due primarily to my weakness and not to his flaws. Summarizing, he is usually very sunny, good natured, and quite aware of his surroundings, the mood, and current activities. He is mostly pleasant, and this is prejudicial but very beneficial to most people  a round him. Yes my cat King is a great creature, he once ran away for 6 months and sometimes he is a pain to me, but he has brought such joy to our house, that I must say he has had and continues to have a life worth living. 

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