1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


Rick Hughes June 26, 2010

Growing up in Alderson you never think about the benefits and privileges. Naturally you would not have the insight, wisdom, or experience to reflect on this at the time. Many years after, I am going to do it. Larger world views and perceptions have changed me beyond imagination, however, growing up in the promised land and later experiences certainly provide you with a wonderful edge in the world if you observe it from that perspective. Alderson taught me to take nothing for granted. Life will be a constant battle, hard struggle will be the root of all progress. Never never take any emotion as permanent, if you desire love you had better give more. No one will ever be a replica, we are all very very unique. Life is never permanent, wealth ,health, joy, sorrow , poverty, are always possible. Alderson taught me if you want to breath, you better fight for the air. As you struggle for survival, in the final analysis, no matter how hard you resist God is your ultimate partner. Thanks for the privilege, thanks for the struggle, thanks for the experience, thanks for the memory.