1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


Tolerance Vs Decadence
Rick Hughes June 10, 2010

Tolerance, is the way many of us were raised. After World II we Americans saw what intolerance for a religion and a people had led to. Also the idea of race or ethnic intolerance was monstrously  ignorant and insane. Tolerance, you observe the world where people are, what they are as far as ethnics and each individual is evaluated as an individual. Tolerance was basically seen as a great trait and the way it was perceived at that time it was. Tolerance, when carried  to failed low conduct acceptance of bad conduct leads to decadence. Any individual, organization, or nation that tolerates bad conduct or makes excuses for poor conduct encourages decadence. You and I may wonder what that has  to do with us, plenty, decadence leads to violence, poverty crime, and all the negative physical and spiritual, aspects associated with a low degraded life. Also, beware too much decadence leads toward a third world nation. Tolerance as originally defined is a great virtue. Decadence is a death virus that can kill a great nation.