1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


Rick Hughes - May 6, 2010

Many times there is a debate on government control or private initiative. Most of the time the topic centers around cost and lowering expense. This one time let us focus on service. When and where do you receive the best service? Naturally there is no one correct answer, due to intangibles, but there is a majority answer. I will offer you a 99 per cent answer, and you can see if it matches your experiences.

Basically in life we are served by government entities, large corporations, and small businesses. Now 99 per cent of the time the small business will give you 100 per cent better service. There is just no comparison, it is not even in the same sphere. Why is that? Government has no real incentive to serve the customer, there is no change in compensation, its not even run for profit. Almost always government follows protocol or maybe the vote. Anyway the governments main goal is to spend money, and find a way to work shorter time for more money.

Now a big corporation, I will let you in on a little secret, they're not much different than large impersonal government. Sometimes a super sensitive aware employee may actually try to give you extra service, but only to a point, beyond which permission from above must be obtained and its quite dicey about a beneficial outcome. Big business is better than big government because somewhere in the dim background service and profit unconsciously linked so service could be somewhat available.

The greatest service in the world is in small business for some absolute tangible reasons. One small business is a survival of the fittest, when you walk into a small business you can bet it is one of the five percent that made it, for 95 percent do not survive. Small business has to deliver the product or service or it will not be there. Also in small business you can hire and fire at your discretion. The more you can fire a bad employee the better the service the customer gets. The customer has real power or control, if he or she has a problem and you cannot solve it, someone else will. Small business people often really solve a customers problem at the scene. Small business know how the customer feels and very often the customer tells him exactly how he feels face to face. Should a customer communicate with a small business or call the business he will always get a relatively quick response. One other point, a small business can fire a bad customer, yes there are unprofitable, trouble creating customers, and a small business can fire the customer, freeing up more resources for the good customer. The customer will always be better served and better treated by a successful, vibrant small business.