1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



Rick Hughes  October 2, 2010

Last Saturday, Doc. Harvey died in his sleep, to me he was a great wonderful friend. I had known Doc. since the 5th grade, which translates into about 58 years. Doc. was always just a friendly, warm, wonderful person. Doc and myself had some marvelous, mischievous escapes in school which we greatly enjoyed. After I graduated from high school we totally lost contact and even though we had been close friends in school, neither made an attempt to contact the other. One day about 5 years ago a friendly deep voice came on the line, and when he said I should know who it was, I good naturedly told the mystery voice, I do not need insurance or investments. Doc. laughingly said he had the best in both fields, then he told me who he was, I almost fell out of my seat. Then I ask him where he was, in Huntington, or close to it. We proceeded to talk for almost an hour, he told me about losing his wife and about our past. After that we always talked at least once a month. the last time I talked to Doc. was June 27 ,2010,he said he was not going to the reunion this year. but next year we would have a great time at our 50th. I reminded the 2009 reunion when he and I had a great time. Recently, I told Al and Allan that the last time I had seen Doc. was the 2009 reunion and what a good time we had had. Doc. was a truly great, loyal friend, and it hit me kinda hard, the rest of my life I will always miss him. You cannot praise a person much more than to say you will miss them and absolutely know they are in heaven, I can say both about Doc.