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Rick Hughes  Nov 5, 2010

Means testing is the new word thrown in political and economic context, to determine if a citizen should have access to various benefits, such as social security, Medicare and various health care benefits, and other retirement chances. The definition is to evaluate the asset, income .property, and various wealth measurements to see if you should get, say ,social security. This is just in the budding stage and proponents say they want to make it fair. Let me state, I am adamantly against any form or type of means testing, if you paid into it ,you should get what you qualified for. Success should not be punished, and who is the all wise judge who makes these decision. What business is it of anyone, if you are dead broke, surviving, living well, or a multimillionaire? I will answer my own question, its nobody's business. Should I have paid a lot of taxes, what right does some bureaucrat have to deny me? Should I not have paid much then I should receive exactly what I earned. Each of our wealth or net worth is our own, and its our own business, its private, and no one should ever violate our privacy by means testing it.