1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


Harry Meredith:
A Great Man from Alderson
Rick Hughes - April 8, 2010

Harry Meredith, who ran a gas station in Alderson was a wonderful person to me. Harry had two sons and he treated me a young skinny nobody as though I was somebody. He always welcomed me into his station, I could sit inside the station as long as I wanted or sit outside as long as needed. Harry always talked to me about living, about family, and values. After I went away to school in the summer I would reconnect with Harry. I got married with no money by a lone preacher with only my wife and myself, but when we returned to Alderson Harry cut her some red roses and she has never forgotten that. The last time I came back to Alderson, Harry was present only in my fond memories. He, is greatly missed and I believe he will be rewarded for his great kindness and beautiful spirit. May God let me see you Harry, across the bridge in the next life.