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Beyond The Pale
Rick Hughes June 17, 2010

Recently, as I was watching a TV business show ,one of the commentators made a statement which gave me a deep insight into his economic concept which is chilling. He said that in the UNITED STATES we need to get rid of low paying jobs ,and create only high paying jobs. Let me say that attitude is an excellent way to cause financial failure. There is no economy or country in the world that can function without low paying jobs, and these jobs need to be done well. A Harvard professor still needs the trash removed and the house cleaned. Low paying jobs are vital to a nations survival . Go to a hotel, clean your own room, This attitude toward hard work and honest effort is dangerous. We need to respect all work because whether the man or women is operating on your heart ,or cleaning the operating room ,one task enables the other and no matter which you consider the most essential without one the other will not be done.