1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



Rick Hughes  Aug 18, 2010

Please do not go into mourning, but today is a sad sad day. It was a day which had to come but I hate to see it arrive. Bobby Thompson has died at 86. Who is Bobby Thompson? I am glad you wondered. Bobby Thompson was the man who hit the ball heard around the world. It was 1951, a bad year for me, as a youth I absolutely rooted and lived for the Cincinnati Reds, but my second passion was the Brooklyn Dodgers. What a great great team, Roy Campinalla was our catcher, Gil  Hodges was our first baseman, Jackie Robinson our second basemen, Pewee Reese our shortstop, right field Carl Furillo and center field Duke Snyder. I cannot remember our third baseman or left fielder, anyway we had a great team. We were in the world series, I cannot remember whether it was in Ebbets field or the Polo grounds, but it was one close battle. Our pitcher was the great Don Newcomb and position against position in my biased opinion, we were the best team. Bobby Thompson, bless his courageous heart, proved me wrong. We were ahead until the 9th inning,  then Don let two people on ,one was on third base, and another base runner on first. Two outs ,the count went to 2 and 2, Newcomb fired the pitch a combination fast ball and slider down the middle. Bobby swing and the ball went deep, way back and barely cleared the fence in left field. I NEVER FORGOT, ITS GOING ITS GOING ITS GONE. I nearly fainted, angrily I almost cried. I could not believe, it the Dodgers lost. Actually that is the only time I remember Bobby, but I never forgot him and never will, may God bless and protect him in his new home.