1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


Two Sinners, One Saint
Rick Hughes 09

We all recall events from the past from our prospective. One of my two best lifetime friends recalls a sinister criminal event somewhat different than I do. upon reflection, here is my recollection of that evil event in front of Keadle's gas station, now Ross Exxon. It was a very warm summer night, temptations were everywhere, one somewhat saintly lad saw that one of his two comrades was going to siphon a pop, the cleaver devil, as i remember a second lad said ' do it , do it now'. It was then the saintly one beseeched the others to refrain, he implored them to stay pure, alias, his holy guidance was ignored, so all three were apprehended, mercy was granted by the authorities, joy and relief was felt by all, the saint and the sinners. My only problem , i cant remember who was the saint and who were the sinners.