1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


I Am From Alderson
Rich Hughes 09

Once you are from Alderson your always from Alderson . You can wander the world but no matter where you go or what you do or don't do you will always be from Alderson. I WAS NOT BORN there, I was born in Ohio, moved everywhere and so was from nowhere . My dad died, we moved to Hinton and then through sheer Gods good fortune VIRGINIA MCLAUGHLIN hired my mother, which turns out to be the best break I ever got, outside of my wife and boys. Alderson is where you graduate with a class of 28,its where your football team has 19 players and the basketball team has 13. Alderson is where you run the streets, work on the farms, stay outside most of the time, camp out, go into the woods, swim in the river, and slowly develop a philosophy, while greatly modified, is basic as you march into the war of life, the struggles, the battles, the dangers, the deaths, the perils, the births, the love, it all is formed in that crucible which only if you are from alderson you can understand. I have fought many enemies, struggled against many adversities, and in all my life i have only been from one place, ALDERSON, WEST VIRGINIA.