1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


Hated Enemy, Total Victory, Quinnwood
Rick Hughes 09

Way back in the far distant past, I spent 3 great years playing basketball for Alderson High School under the superb leadership of coach McLaughlin. I always wanted to be aroused with spirit when facing our enemies, sometimes I failed and sometimes I succeeded. One particular team I always looked with intense arousal was Creighton or Quinwood. They had some very talented players, but we never lost to them and the reason was my excellent performance against these adversaries three years running. Creighton had John Harles, a real hard charging spirited player who put up a fighting effort. There was Big Max Nunely, all 6foot 7 inches of 260 pound solid muscle man, big rough and talented, that was Max. Well built, well muscled 6 foot 3 inches Jim Sweet, a high leaper, quick feet, and a very good shot. There was the General, I forget his name but not him. He was 5,10 inches, well built, very quick as a shooter and as a jumper. Then there was the extremely talented MILLARD FLEMING.  I really liked Millard, except when we were on the floor against each other.  Finally, Robert Jones, about 6foot 5 inches, smooth, a good shot, excellent talent. These were the people my team mates and I played against for 3 years and never lost. I proudly must say, I always played very, very well against this group. THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!