1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


Back Country Americana Pleasure
Rick Hughes 12-09

Way way back in the misty past I worked at snow flake. It was a great experience working under the tipple and carrying rocks all over the place, but the best part was up at the little cabin with the pot bellied stove . the job, actual work started at seven each morning, however we had to be there at six in the morning to get our instructions from the big boss and also from the straw boss. Anyway, I woke up at four thirty each morning, got dressed and went down to the corner up from the snack shack by the bridge where Rube Ayers would pick me up and we drove to snow flake.  I never chewed in Rubes truck because he did not chew and I just thought it was respectful, especially since no money ever changed hands for transportation. I will have to confess I was a tobacco addict. I chewed tobacco as much and as often as I could. As soon as we got to our destination we would park and walk to the magical little white cabin with the pot bellied stove. The little door was always open and the logs were burning. I moved to the front as close to that romantic fire as I could. The logs were burning. I set crossed legged as close to the fire as possible, put in a chew of beechnut chewing and would spit forward. Out of 25 men about thirteen of us chewed, all of the other chewers tried to be civilized in their chewing. Anyway, we would sit there and tell some of the most amazing stories you can imagine. We talked about criminals, moonshiners, street fights, tales about wild men and wilder women. We discussed who was good and who was evil, I forget all of the named people. Anyway, at the time it was such fun, such joy, such Americana.