1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



Pence Springs Resort
(Photos courtesy of Christine Atwell

Before West Virginia became a state, there were several resorts that were connected to the springs.  They included White Sulphur, Salt Sulphur, Green Sulphur, Red Sulphur, Blue Sulphur, Pence Springs, and Sweet Springs. There was a possibility of Hot Springs & Minnehaha Springs also in the same group. All of these were resorts for wealthy southerners  to escape the "fever" and find suitable husbands & wives for their children. At sometime the Pence Springs resort  fell in disrepair and was converter into a state prison for women.  After the state removed the prison, it fell once more into disrepair.  Ashby Berkley, a local fellow from Pence Springs purchased it and began rehabbing.  It has been an asset to the local area ever since for meeting, luncheons/dinners etc.

But it has not been a moneymaker in its reincarnation. Ashby has sold it, a few times, to people who talk big and have big dreams but little pockets. However, each time, Ashby has got it back and continues to keep it going. (Information courtesy Rebekah Longanacre, John McCurdy, and others to come.)

Pense Springs 2