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Pro Football
Barry Worrell 2-06

Pro Football. I love it!  Those who knew me when we were growing up, most likely know I didnít play more than three or four hours of any sport in my whole youth.  But I have accumulated some knowledge on the subject since then.  When my beloved Redskins would loose, it used to completely ruin my week.  So I have paid some dues here.   

The officiating this year was terrible.  The saying is ďIt all evens out over the seasonĒ.  I think that is a defeatist statement.  Thatís like saying ďWeíre going to put up with mediocrity as long as it evens outĒ.  Why does it have to be so bad?  Below is a list of some changes in the rules that might make the game much more enjoyable. 

  1. Pass Reception:  As a  receiver, if you have a hand(s) on the ball, donít drop it, and have procession of it when the play is call over, thatís a good reception regardless if you have full control of it or not.  That would eliminate a lot of reviews and speed up the game.  Of course keep the both feet inbounds rule.  Imagine all the fantastic catches you would see.
  2. Touchdowns:  Remember in the super bowl when Ben Roethlisberger ran for the touchdown, and all the controversy if the ball broke the plane of not?  I believe it did.  If you donít, email me and Iíll tell you why.  Seems to me they could put sensors at each side of the goal line, or in the ground along the goal line, and the footballs could have a metallic coating inside of them to activate the sensors. (Yes, I like Star Trek) When the ball broke the goal line plane, a light would go off and the Ref would hold up his hands. Touchdown!  No doubt about it.  Or, how about using better video or photography.  We can almost see fleas on a cat from a satellite miles in the sky, why not incorporate a little of that kind of technology.
  3. Interference-Defensive, Offensive:  This is a hard one.  Sometimes even perfect video replay doesnít seem to be able to get this one right.  I only have one suggestion to the Refs.  When in doubt, donít throw the flag.
  4. Television Time Outs:  This drives me crazy.  They have a time out after a score or field goal.  Then, they have another one after the following kick off.  Thatís the one that should be eliminated.
  5. Scoring:  It should be a rule when a team has the ball, they must try to score. Even if theyíre up 50 to 0.  None of that kneeling down to run out the clock.  A lot of people pay good money to go to games. Give them the full 60 minutes of play. Besides, there would be no reason to complain of running up the score.
  6. Broadcasts: This has nothing to do with Refs, some teams are, and all should put the radio broadcast of their game on their web sites, and do it at no charge.  No matter where you live, you could always listen to your favorite team over the internet.  Sure helps me.