1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



A Missing Dollar Bill

Paul Bland - November - 17, 2016

Three outstanding men from Alderson, West Virginian walked into a motel in Virginia and asked to rent three rooms. The desk clerk said that the cost would be 10 dollars per room for a total of 30 dollars. After each man had paid the clerk 10 dollars and had gone to their rooms, the motel manager came in and discussed the room rental fee for the three rooms with the desk clerk.

Manager: Those boys a good hard working people from West Virginian, so I want you to call them back and tell them that the cost for the three rooms will only be 25 dollars instead of 30 dollars.

Desk Clerk: The desk clerk did as he was told and called the three men back to the lobby so that he could return some of their money to them. He realized that he couldn’t divide the 5 dollars evenly among the three men, so he decided to keep 2 dollars for himself.

The desk clerk gave each man 1 dollar and the men returned to their rooms, happy that they only had to pay 9 dollars per room rather than 10 dollars.

Now let’s see if we can figure out what has happened. Each man spent 9 dollars for his room, which makes a total of 27 dollars. The desk clerk has 2 dollars and so the men spent a total of 29 dollars for their rooms. The question now is; where in the world did the other dollar go?

P.S. I showed this to my wife and asked her this question. She quickly said “the dog ate it”. So what do you think? Did the dog actually eat the dollar bill or is there some other explanation for where the missing dollar went?

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