1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


Nana's Cake Pan
 Barry Worrell 09

My mother, Beth Fields, passed away in 2006 and left her family and friends a legacy of memories. Recently we received a shipment containing many of those memories. Best of all, was the moment we unwrapped "the cake pan". Old, colored by ages in her oven, it is just a plain metal 9x12 pan with a sliding lid. On the side is an old piece of masking tape with "Beth Fields" written in her own hand. (For a larger view, click on the picture)

For years, "the cake pan" traveled all over Alderson to many families who were receiving community care during a time of loss. It sat on many tables dispensing cake to the sad and sorrowing. The pan would then return home to her again. Our family stories of "the cake pan" are happier.

During the early years of our marriage, we made that trip from Washington, D.C.  to Alderson about every two weeks. With our arrival in Alderson, which was usually late at night, Nana had a chocolate cake ready for the kids and me. This was usually at the objection of my wife because chocolate cake at such a late hour meant no sleep for the kids. It was only a half-hearted objection, for  it soon  developed into a tradition. That tradition lasted through all our children's lives and on into the lives of their own children. Over the years at family get-togethers, Nana's cake and, yes, "the cake pan" would always come up.

Since Nana is now gone,  her recipe is being retained by both of my daughters and my daughter-in law so they can always make Nana's chocolate cake. She made a great chocolate cake that was so moist. She said it was that way because she baked it "sad". That meant she didn't bake it quite as long as recommended. However there was another reason but I can't reveal it due to the threats from my family. The sliding lid kept it fresh until it was all gone, which didn't take long.

Today "The cake pan" is in the kitchen of our youngest daughter and she will be baking Nana's cake this weekend which we will all share out here in AZ.

When our son heard "the cake pan" was here he requested it be sent to Indiana where his wife will make "Nana's cake". After Indiana, It will make it's way to our oldest daughter in Maryland who is a "Nana" herself now. "Nana's Cake Pan" will remain with her to make memories for another generation or two.

The best things we leave are good memories and shared love.