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Memories of Sam Bennett

June 24, 2007

It is sad to report the passing of Sam Bennett. Remember he kept a school picture hanging in his shop of every kid whose hair he cut. He was a great supporter of kids in Alderson and donated to every project. Sam sure was an asset to Alderson and Alderson's kids!

I used to really enjoy coming home from VA on weekends and going to Sam's shop for a haircut and catching up on the news around here. Sam gave me my first barbershop haircut ( when I was 16 that was my birthday present to me) and also the first and only barbershop shave I ever had for my 21st birthday......I still remember him saying "Damn Ward, nobody has asked for a shave from me in ten years unless they were too sick to shave themselves!" You know, he was really interested in where you had been and what you had been doing, if you were from Alderson. ---Ward Parker

Sorry to hear about Sam. Memories etched in my mind like so many of our Alderson heroes-cut my ear with my first haircut-scared the dickens out of Sam as well as me. Always a mentor to young folks-especially ornery critters like me and many others. Taught me to sheetrock while remodeling a house in front of mine. Sort of a surrogate father for any kid who needed one. Always teaching what he knew about life-although at the time I suspect I was to immature to realize that. -- Bill Kincaid

Sam was the only barber I remember to cut my hair. From when I was boy to a teen he gave me suggestion on how I should wear it. He was just a pleasure to be around. Even after I left home Sam cut my hair every two week for years when I made the trip to Alderson. After I found a barber in the DC area, I still would stop by and have a good conversation with him. -- Barry Worrell

Sam was a great man and barber. After I left home and got back on visits, I always looked forward to seeing Sam for a haircut and a joke. I know he will be missed by the community -- Bill Diem, San Antonio TX

Sam Bennett may have been one of the most open-minded and tolerant individuals ever to reside in Alderson. One would be hard-pressed to deny that he was a great asset to the town and to the people. His presence in Alderson certainly mitigated the mean-spirited presence of some. I liked him a lot and I am sorry God hasn't seen fit to leave his sane and calming presence there forever. -- David Shields

There are so many memories of Sam Bennett. One of the first things you noticed when you entered his barber shop was the vast amount of pictures of kids who had their mugs plastered on Sam's wall. I think Sam got to see those pictures before the parents did. You were an absolute zero if your picture did not grace his wall. One of my greatest thrills for me a few years ago was to take my grandson to Sams to get him a "Sam Bennett Special" hair cut.
I think Sam felt as proud of that feat as I did, now that I look at the pictures I took of the occasion. Somehow Sam seem to feel the importance of the day.
Some men attain fame by doing some great and daring feat. Sam Bennett seems now a legend simply by being a good neighbor, a good barber and a good citizen of a little town in West Virginia called Alderson. -- Dan Duff

I never got a haircut from Sam Bennett, but, my sister, Betty Jo and I would stop in and chat with him. Sometimes just sitting and watching him cut hair. He always had a smile for us and always had some conversion with us...... maybe just asking us what we were up to and maybe sometimes offering to cut our hair! Such a nice kind soul he had.......
With Warm Regards,
Becky Alderson Ornold

May god wrap his merciful arms around Sam , he was my friend , my barber, my landlord, and my supporter. the world will miss him .George if you read this, call me 419 784 0819. Richard E. Hughes

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