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Memories Of The 2013 4th Of July

Mary Margaret Steele Morgan  - July 27, 2013

 I made it to Alderson again this year, without the derecho. The 150th birthday of West Virginia exhibit at the Greenbrier River Interpretative Center was well staged and very interesting. I was amazed to see that it recognized the original peoples and also included the enslaved people who had a big part to play in the forming of our beloved state. Thank goodness we are past the era of Columbus "discovering" America.

My class of '42, which last year's derecho had deprived of our 70th reunion, had a small 71st. Of our 32 graduates there were only 3 of us reuniting--James Emerson Johnson, June Hogsett Hix and Mary Margaret Steele Morgan.

I am realistic enough to believe, that at age 87, it was my last visit to my birthplace, Alderson. But then, again, my former neighbor, Bill Simmons, at 93?, was in great form and recognized me before I even finished telling him my name!
The history of the first band and its outstanding creator, Mr. Norman Hazeldine, was of great interest to me. I'm certain I supplied some of the story. I was sorry we didn't have a "stand up" accounting of all the alumni attending who had benefitted from his outstanding tutelage forming the FIRST band. But we did have a standup for everyone who had ever been a part of the band and that brought lots and lots of people to their feet. I felt like cheering.

The band history, which was read, was followed by a video which showed a great deal of work done by alumni who didn't get very much recognition. Amazingly, there were pictures of Mr. Hazeldine but no pictures of our first Drum Major, Harold "beans" Crawford, nor any of our smashing 2nd Drum Major, Elsie Jeanne Scruggs, who was a pioneer female Drum Major. (That is a quite different position than the ensuing plethora of Majorettes who came after the pin-up craze of WWII. That is probably enough editorializing.)

I am going to send the DVD to Phil Hazeldine, Norman's son, who is so proud of his father and doubly proud of Alderson High School's remembering and honoring him. I think part of the scarcity of early pictures had to do with the Great Depression followed by WWII where, in both circumstances, there were few cameras and little film available. I do hope some more band pictures will be found and added to the Memorabilia Room.

It was a great evening with perfect weather, good food and a great MC who called on everybody, one way or another, who had some association with AHS.

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