1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


Memories of the State Fair
Lois McVey 2008

Memories of the Fair rush back to me like a nice spring rain which falls upon my shoulders. The Fair was our family vacation and we all looked forward to it all year long. My brother (HR) and sister (Kathy) had show cattle, but I would not participate in that sport, I was afraid of those four legged things. My father (Howard) would help with the cattle and the chores of that kind and of course Mom (Jean) was there for support of all kinds and the cooking and clean clothes, etc. For the week long exhibit, we would live in the little Tag A Long Camper, which then, back in the late 70's, seemed huge, but now, there is no way we all could even turn around in it! Daddy would treat us to a show at the grandstand (thanks to his employer), in the box section, where we felt like kings and queens. We didn't have much money, but we were all together and living high on life. Oh to have just a few minutes of that time together again.......

childhood fair Memory of Lois McVey
daughter of the late Howard R. McVey, Jr. and Jean Ford McVey

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