1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


The Legend of Oooie-Egghead
(Barry Worrell)

     This story isn't really about Oooie-Egghead's legend. I don't even know what the legend is supposed to be about. What I do know is, south of Alderson going toward Union (about where Charlie Lobban had his farm) is a grave stone up on the hill, on the other side of the road. As the story goes, in the hot summer days about sun set, the heat rising up from the ground  would distort the white grave stone and it would appear as if it were moving. This was supposed to be the "ghost of Oooie-Egghead".  I never saw this phenomenon, but is was a good story.

     My involvement with this legend was an idea to enhance it. So, some  friends and I decided to go out there at dusk to see Oooie-Egghead.  Two guys were waiting in hiding at the grave stone. They had a large flash light and an invention I saw in a Spanky and our Gang movie. It was a large tin can with a rope tied to the hole in the middle of the closed end. You put rosin on the rope and wearing a glove, pull the rope away from the can.  Spanky used it to make one of his friends sound like he had the croup, but I thought it would be a scary sound, especially that time of night and with a little verbal presentation before getting there. The whole idea was to shine the light on the grave stone and make the noise with the tin can.  Hopefully this would scare  the beejeebers out of someone. What we thinking?

     Besides us three half-bakes, I talked my wife Linda and another girl (this was before we were married) into going along.  One thing I didn't know, the two half-bakes on the hill also brought two other items. Something to drink (wasn't Coke) and a pistol. Before we could get close enough to see anything, a couple of shots were fired.  Linda  has always had a flare for the dramatic, and taking this as a cue, dropped to the ground as if she had fainted.  No one seemed to be scared. Actually, there was more indifference than anything. Seeing things weren't going to go as we had planned, I called out to the "hill top rangers" and told our audience what was going on. We all had a good laugh and went home, fortunate that no one was too drunk and fell off the hill, or shot someone. As for Oooie-Egghead? She's still there, I know she is.